Have you looked at any boat listings lately?  BO-RING!

A prospective buyer will look at hundreds of listings and sift through 1000
or more online photos before responding to a listing or deciding to make
an appointment to see a vessel.


Because still images have limited ability to tell the whole story.

They simply can't.

VesselVideo creates a complete, high-impact video advertisement using
your boat and its individual specifications and characteristics, and will
display your boat listing online with CD-quality audio and
broadcast-quality video.
Your Boat On DVD?

You don't need to be selling
your vessel to use our
services! VesselVideo will
capture your boat for your
video archives as well!

We'll Make It Better

See for yourself!

Compare a VesselVideo
listing to a traditional listing.

It's a no-brainer.
Who Needs It?

Anyone selling a boat who
wants maximum impact.

Owners : Brokers : Sellers

Get started today!