VesselVideo makes it easier for you to sell your boat.

We are providing a low-cost service that will make your advertisement
stand out and promote your boat with the advantage of CD-quality audio
and broadcast-quality video.

You will receive a CD/DVD of your VesselVideo 'commercial' including a
voice-over and titles that present vessel-specific listing information, which
you can share via e-mail or upload to the web.

VesselVideo can also coordinate marketing efforts with your boat broker.

Prepare your vessel:

Whether your boat is in or out of the water when we record the video,
remember, your boat listing is going to be seen by millions of people
including your competition--so make sure it's CLEAN and looking good.

Remove any cover or shrink wrap.

Stow or remove any items you are not selling.

Wash it, wax it, clean it... sell it!
Remove 'your' stuff

If it's not going with the boat,
it shouldn't go in the video.
The boat should look as
factory fresh as possible with
all personal items removed.
Miracles? No.

Your boat is your boat...until
it sells of course!
We do not use photo or
video enhancement to alter
the appearance of a vessel.
Wash, Wax, Paint?

Clean it up, wax it up. You're
selling it, so make it look its
best. VesselVideo can only
present the vessel as is.
Fresh bottom paint shows
you care.